Reviews about game Sweet Bonanza

The Sweet Bonanza slot machine is distinguished by its original gameplay, where combinations are formed by the cluster method. The popularity of the slot in many rated casinos is due to the perfect combination of theme and mechanics of play. Since 2019, the Sweet Bonanza slot machine, which has an RTP of 96.51, continues to be launched by players who soon become devoted fans of the slot. To be convinced of all the advantages and disadvantages of the slot, it is enough to use the demo mode, which allows to play for free or read real player reviews. Read the opinions of players about the Sweet Bonanza slot, which will tell you how to win and the numerous nuances of playing Sweet Bonanza.

Reviews of real players of Sweet Bonanza slot

Review: I advise everyone to play the Sweet Bonanza slot


I advise everyone to play the Sweet Bonanza slot, as it is really lucky slot. Clusters are very profitable. I placed bets on 500$ and won 2000$. And this is without bonuses. Here you can even buy bonuses, but I don’t dare yet. I withdrawed money without problems. This site provides only verified casino.

Raphael, 22

Review: Bored theme in Sweet Bonanza, but profitable


Sweets and fruits are too boring for me. Avalanche backs are also not new, so I didn’t think I would like it. But Sweet Bonanza is pleased experience. The machine is really with profitable spins. At first, I started playing for free, then switched to bets. Almost always positive. It's wrong to complain about this amazing slot.

Jack, 29

Review: Sweet Bonanza slot machine is super


The cool interface attracted me right away, plus there are no lines and clear reels. It turns out that the Sweet Bonanza slot machine is also super profitable. In one spin, a lot of prizes fall out before the first loss. Consistent increases in bets help to avoid big risks. So far, I see only pluses in Sweet Bonanza.

Ellie, 23

Review: Weakly implemented free bonus in Sweet Bonanza


The idea is just a bomb. I immediately wanted to play to get a bonus. But not everything is so simple, I've been twisting for almost 2 weeks, but the lollipop has not fallen out. My verdict is that the free bonus in Sweet Bonanza is poorly implemented. It could be better.

Michael, 41

Review: Profitable to play Sweet Bonanza slot, but would like more


In general, Sweet Bonanza is very cool. From the first spins, I turned out to be in a significant benefit. Given the negative reviews about bonuses, I'll say that I was lucky to catch candy and bombs. But I would like more so that the bonuses multiply. They add up in the game.

Stephan, 26

Review: I play Sweet Bonanza only in licensed casinos


I can't understand some of the negative comments about withdrawing money. I play Sweet Bonanza only in licensed casinos, so I withdraw my winnings without any problems. Just yesterday I was withdrawing through my e-wallet. For the first time, casino may request a scan of the passport. If you play in illegal casinos, then don't be surprised why you can't get money.

Ingrid, 29

Review: Sweet Bonanza game is my favourite


I am a fan of bright slots and impressions. As soon as the game Sweet Bonanza came out, it immediately became my favourite. Everything here is original, starting with the design. I play at different rates: from minimum to maximum. I started, of course, with a demo. Now, when I want to take a break from studying, then I play only Bonanza game.

Max, 21

Review: Everything works in Sweet Bonanza, verified by experience


Many people complain that bonuses do not fall out. But it fell out a few times in a month for me. This is unrealistically profitable. The bet with x25 sweets plus the x10 bonus played. Everything works in Sweet Bonanza, verified. I even plan to buy a round to hit the big jackpot.

Matt, 36

Review: I advise you to try Sweet Bonanza online slot


For everyone who doesn’t know yet, I advise you to try the Sweet Bonanza online slot. Here, each round can be a storehouse of prizes. Plus, the slot is cool. I almost never go in minus of my balance, though I don’t risk much. I always expect a bonus - these are free spins and multiplayer.

Kate, 27

Review: There is nothing better than Sweet Bonanza


I have tried a few slots and for me, there is nothing better than Sweet Bonanza. This is a bright slot machine with simple settings. After the launch, you should expect matches, and then a series of prizes due to clusters will follow. The game has a bonus with a lot of lucrative free spins. I advise to play Sweet Bonanza.

Daniel, 23

Review: It's cool to play Sweet Bonanza even on lectures


At our university, the Internet is bad. Sometimes at boring lectures, there is an opportunity to launch a slot. Playing Sweet Bonanza is cool, nothing slows you down. I put a little and often make profit. Get rich, buy a bonus.

Jeremy, 19

Review: I love Sweet Bonanza's design


I'm already retired, but sometimes I relax - I play in casino. I love the Sweet Bonanza bright design. There are many opportunities to withdraw a decent amount. Of course, I don’t take too many risks so as not to lose my pension, and I will say that the returns are not bad. The bonus does not drop out very often, but it happens.

Andrew, 56

Review: Bright and tasty Sweet Bonanza slot machine


This cheerful, bright and tasty slot machine helps me to take a break from hard everyday life. I do not always play for money, but I am guaranteed to get pleasure. Maybe you need to buy a bonus in order to experience the drive, but for now, this is enough for me.

Violet, 35

Review: My tactics in Sweet Bonanza work


I am a strategist, so I am more used to launching more thoughtful slots. After launching Sweet Bonanza, I realized that I could apply math in a simple slot machine. The Pyramid and the Staircase come in here best of all. I combine different options, sometimes I even practice progressive bets. Clusters help a lot. If you want to sharply go into a plus, buy a bonus. My tactics work.

Serhio, 28

Review: Lots of prizes in the Sweet Bonanza slot


My friend advised me to try the lucrative Sweet Bonanza slot. He said that there are many prizes. I didn’t believe it right away, so I started to rotate the demo. I won really a lot: I invested only 100$, and received 400$. Sometimes there is a minus, but compared to other slot machines, this is nonsense.

Evans, 24

Review: For rest on the phone, Sweet Bonanza will go


Bright, spectacular, decorated with dignity, and easy to set up slot machine. This, perhaps, is all, because the bonus did not wait. Among the advantages is the ability to play on the phone, nothing freezes, and the speed is excellent. I will play sometimes, maybe I'll be lucky to earn a bonus with my own hands. I like Sweet Bonanza.

Karl, 31

Review: As a beginner, I liked the Sweet Bonanza slot machine


I'm new to playing Sweet Bonanza in the demo version. I liked everything, especially bright pictures, animations, avalanche spins, and falling bombs in bonus rounds. They definitely fall out, maybe because it's a demo. I'll check it out a bit later.

Terry, 22

Review: Sweet Bonanza slot met my expectations


They say that only beginners are lucky. I did not expect to come out with a plus after the demos. Sweet Bonanza slot met my expectations: the first ten spins turned out to be profitable most of the time. The second time the bonus fell out, though with a small bomb coefficient. In order to get more dough, I will try not to risk too much.

Julian, 25

Review: Sweet Bonanza machine pays off often


I will say that there are enough drifts in the Sweet Bonanza slot. Even a regular round brings a lot of winnings, if you're lucky, it often pays off. Hope to get rich on multiplayer remains. I haven't ventured to buy a bonus yet, but I have a desire. I am afraid that it will not pay off if a small coefficient falls out.

Robert, 34